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Arcade Dental Dentist In Pharr, Tx

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Arcade Dental is here to serve the residents of Pharr, TX and provide every person the option to receive great dental care. Our dentist office has one primary goal and that is to ensure every patient has a healthy and beautiful smile.

Our dental clinic, led by Dr. Anthony Vu, DDS, offers dentistry from pediatric patients to adult patients and utilizes the latest in dental technology. Arcade Dental covers the gamut of dental procedures, including dental cleanings, dental fillings, implants, dental crowns, and braces.


Making Dentistry Fun!

At our Pharr, TX dental office, we focus on making the dental experience enjoyable for every age group. That’s why we named our dental clinic Arcade Dental.

Growing up, being in the Arcade Dental was the place to be. That’s where all the fun was. We’re bringing fun into the dental office. When kids come for dental appointments or when they have to wait for their parents to finish with their dental procedure, they get to play video games or watch movies.

We have worked hard to ensure that kids and adults want to come back to the dentist because we know how important dental visits are. This is why we aren’t like other dental offices that only provide patients with magazines from the Reagan Administration. This isn’t a library-esque dental clinic. This is Arcade Dental, and we’re about having fun and making patients smile.