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The Best Steps to Your Kids Teeth Healthy

By Arcade Dental / September 13, 2017

Getting kids to keep their teeth healthy is no easy task. This is why our kids dentists work hard to educate their pediatric patients every time they come to our Pharr dental office. Education is the best method to ensuring kids maintain great oral health.


There are several ways to make sure your child is keeping their teeth very healthy. Here are the proven and can’t-miss ways to promoting the best oral health for your kids:

  • BRUSHING – Your child should be brushing their teeth twice per day—once before going to bed and once after waking up. This ensures that the sugars and plaque buildup formed throughout the day from eating and drinking is removed before going to sleep. Not brushing that out and allowing those sugars and the plaque to remain, can quickly create cavities. Brushing in the morning helps eliminate bad breath, bacteria, and plaque that forms over night.
  • FLOSSING – Flossing is extremely important because brushing can’t reach everywhere in the mouth. There are places in between the teeth that the bristles of the toothbrush can’t reach. Utilizing floss ensures that food particles and plaque buildup is removed completely. If your child is only brushing their teeth, then there is a good chance they are not removing everything in their mouth. Flossing helps prevent cavities and periodontal disease (gum disease).
  • RINSING – After brushing and flossing, it is a good idea to have your kids rinse their mouth out. Using just water may be enough if your child is conducting the prior two with vigor. Otherwise, have your child utilize kid-friendly mouthwash. Check the age requirement on the bottle before purchase and use. Mouthwash is very helpful in removing bacteria that is leftover.
  • DENTAL CLEANING – Every child should visit the kids dentist every six months. These dental visits include dental cleanings. During this visit, our Pharr dentist is able to conduct thorough exams of the mouth to make sure there are no current problems or potential problems. Cavities are able to be addressed quickly and effectively when they are caught during dental cleanings. Catching issues within the mouth before they form or become worse is a great way to keep your child’s mouth healthy and save you financially.


Contact Arcade Dental in Pharr today to schedule your child’s dental appointment. Dental cleanings are quick and easy. They will also ensure your child is on the right track dentally. Our kids dentists look forward to helping you and your family remain cavity-free.