When You Should Consider Getting A Root Canal Treatment

You need a root canal treatment when you have a condition called ‘pulpitis’. Pulpitis is a condition in which the pulp of the tooth gets infected. The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth and there is no way that your regular brushing and flossing can get rid of the infection.

The question is, how would you know if you needed a root canal treatment. Most patients who got a root canal treatment did not get any major signs until the condition became too severe. However, certain common signs might help you in deciding whether you should see a dentist for a root canal treatment.

Symptoms of root canal treatment

1. Toothache 

Has a particular tooth of yours been aching lately? This could be a mild toothache or even as severe as those that keep you up at night. Either way, a toothache can be caused due to several reasons and must not be taken lightly. It’s one of the most common symptoms of pulpitis.

2. Discolored tooth

When you have pulpitis, you may notice that one of your teeth has become slightly discolored. To be precise, a tooth may have lost its natural white pigment. This is a sign of a serious dental infection and is often related to pulpitis.

3. Sensitivity

One of your teeth may become comparatively more sensitive to hot, cold, and even sweet food. This is because the nerve tissues around the pulp are perhaps damaged too, which is the reason why they become more sensitive.

4. Swollen and red gums 

Are your gums swollen and red? This could most probably mean that you have gum disease. However, swollen and red gums are common signs of pulpitis. Whatever the cause of the phenomenon is, you need to see a dentist for an immediate check-up and treatment.

5. Bleeding gums

This again is a common sign of gum disease. However, your gums can even bleed without injury when your pulpitis has become too severe. This is a condition that needs immediate treatment and can lead to further health complications like heart disease if it is left untreated for too long.

Now that you know when you need a root canal treatment, where should you get t from? We recommend that you choose an experienced dentist who uses the best technologies to accurately detect and treat your pulpitis. You can get the best root canal treatment dentist in Pharr TX near you open today by simply clicking here!

Foods Besides Candy That Can Cause Tooth Decay

Our enamel is the toughest substance in our body that coats our teeth and shields them from any damage. As we age, it naturally wears down as a result of our everyday activities like chewing and drinking. This means that once it starts to erode, we have less protection on our teeth from anything we consume. The bad news is that enamel cannot grow back, but we can easily make better decisions that can strengthen the enamel we have left. Our general dentists that practice adult dentistry and kids dentistry at Arcade Dental in Pharr, Texas recommend that you watch what you eat. This can make a huge difference in your oral health and general well being.

Why Certain Foods Can Cause Tooth Decay

It doesn’t matter if one of our patients at Arcade Dental is a child or an adult; our diet is vital to our overall health. Eating candy or drinking carbonated drinks can weaken our enamel to the point of tooth decay and cavities. One factor that eating candy and drinking carbonated soft drinks have in common is sugar. Eating anything that contains sugar can potentially lead to tooth decay and eventually cavities because the sugar sticks to our teeth, which enables plaque to feed and harden on the surfaces and in between the teeth, thus causing decay. Carbohydrates, like rice, for example, are sugars that we wouldn’t think of as damaging to our oral health, but they can be. Other foods that can contribute to tooth decay include chocolate, cakes, crackers, potato chips, peanut butter, and even some fruits–especially acidic ones like pineapples and oranges.

General Dentistry at Arcade Dental

Here at Arcade Dental in Pharr, Texas, near McAllen, Hidalgo, San Juan, and Edinburg, we practice general dentistry. This means we are regularly treating both our children and adult patients who experience tooth decay as a result of consuming these sugary foods.

There are dental risks that come from eating your favorite foods like rice, pastas, or snacks, so when you do indulge, we recommend you brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste right after you finish. If you happen to be out or away from a toothbrush and toothpaste, we recommend you rinse your mouth with water and then chew some sugar-free gum. This will help cut tooth-rotting bacteria that thrives off of your sugar intake. Lastly, make sure you floss every day in order to prevent plaque build up.

Schedule Your Appointment With Arcade Dental Today

If you live in Pharr, McAllen, Hidalgo, San Juan, or Edinburg, we recommend you book your family’s dental cleanings with us today. We suggest visiting every 6 months so that our general dentists can check the oral health of the whole family and ensure your enamel is as strong as it can be. With regular check-ups and healthy decisions, we can make sure your teeth are healthy and protected for a brighter, healthier smile.

Sometimes Even Kids Need Dental Extractions

Sure no one wants to talk about it, but dental extractions do take place. When dental extractions are conducted at our dentist office in Pharr, it is because they have to take place.

Oral extractions are conducted for various reasons, but they are always done in the best interest of the patient. Often, tooth extractions are thought to be only for adults, but sometimes this procedure is required for kids. At our Pharr dentist office, we understand how removing certain teeth helps a patient—child or adult—in the long term.


As we mentioned above, there are various reasons for receiving a tooth extraction. Here are just some of the reasons we have seen with some of our patients:

  • TOOTH DECAY – This is a primary reason for this dental surgery to take place. Sometimes patients do not conduct proper hygiene and it takes a massive toll on the teeth. Then there are cases where a cavity has gone undetected because it is in an obscure spot and when the decay is so extreme, it leaves only one option: removal. Now, this type of reason for dental extraction can be avoided by brushing twice per day, flossing daily, and receiving a dental cleaning once every six months.
  • GENETICS – This type of case is rare, but it does happen. Sometimes teeth grow in weird places and are of no use due simply to genetics. They can also cause pain and discomfort in the mouth. Patients with teeth growing in abnormal areas are highly encouraged to come to Arcade Dental in Pharr, TX.
  • WISDOM TEETH – This reason, however, is one of the most common. When it comes to wisdom teeth, it is typically not very wise to keep them. These are molars that grow in the very back of the mouth and are rather useless. They are hard to reach and maintain, which can lead to cavities. One of the primary reasons patients come to our kids dentists or adult dentists is because the wisdom teeth are causing pain and discomfort.


Do you or your child suffer from tooth decay, poor genetics, or irritating wisdom teeth? If so, then contact our Pharr dentist office today and schedule your tooth extraction appointment. Removing bad, weak, or useless teeth that cause pain or discomfort is a quick way to restore your oral health and enable you to return to normal oral functions.

Got Cavities? Our Pharr Dentists Recommend Dental Fillings

Dental caries are sometimes pretty sneaky and can appear almost out of nowhere, if you aren’t really vigilant about your oral hygiene. Brushing twice per day, flossing every day, and going to the dentist for dental cleanings every six months is extremely important to keeping dental cavities away. But like we said, sometimes a cavity might sneak in there. Then what do you do?

At Arcade Dental in Pharr, TX, our dentists work hard to ensure that if any cavities appear, they are taken care of immediately. The last thing you want is for the cavity to spread across the tooth causing real damage, which is why we provide dental fillings to all of our pediatric and adult patients.

If a cavity forms in the tooth, it must be removed. Our kids dentists and general dentists get rid of the cavity and then replace that decayed part of the tooth with a filling. A dental filling is made up of various materials, most commonly composite resin. This resin is tooth colored so that the tooth remains in its natural shade.

Dental fillings at our Pharr dentist office are extremely durable as well. The purpose of the filling is to ensure that the patient is able to return to their normal oral functions, like chewing food. Dental fillings typically last about a decade, sometimes even two.


When conducting oral upkeep at home, you can check your teeth yourself. It’s pretty easy to see how your molars are doing and if there is any dark discoloration. If there is, then that means it is time to schedule an appointment with our Pharr dentist at Arcade Dental.

Self-checks, however, aren’t 100% accurate. You won’t be able to see in the crevices of your mouth, and checking the inside part of the front teeth and incisors is almost impossible. This is why dental cleanings are so important. These allow our kids dentists and adult dentists to check for cavities, as well as other dental issues, like gum disease.

In the event that a cavity is ignored, it can spread quickly across the tooth and deeper toward the root. This turns a very simple dental procedure into something more invasive, like a root canal or the requirement for a dental crown.


Waiting to receive a dental filling is a bad idea because a cavity doesn’t heal, it can only progress. Our Pharr, TX dentist highly recommends you address your cavities in a timely manner. Contact our dental office today and schedule your appointment.