Ways to protect your teeth during winter

The beginning of chilly months brings a lot of joy to our hearts. But, we fail to understand that happiness comes along with a few limitations. The winter months are infamous for flu, cold, and other infections. You should be aware of the fact that bacteria and germs can be responsible for these diseases can also cause gum and teeth problems. Fall in the temperature can also pave the path to other issues such as teeth sensitivity and cracks. But, all such problems can be avoided by the adoption of certain preventive measures. Here at Arcade Dental, we have often come across people asking for dental tips for winter. It is due to this fact that we chose to provide a blog that covers all information related to this topic. Therefore if you have similar queries in mind, do give the section below a thorough read.

Tips to take care of your oral health during winter

  • Book an appointment at the dental clinic – The first and the most important point is to never miss your regular dental check-ups. Always remember that seeing a dentist is considered to be a must if you are interested in taking proper care of your dental health. But, the need increases during the chilly months. Getting your teeth and gums checked increases the chances of the diseases being diagnosed right in their early stages. Ignoring such problems can do real damage to the gum and teeth in the long run.
  • Make a few changes in the way you brush – You must have often heard people speak about the importance of maintaining oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are the two primary ways through which we ensure that our mouth remains clean. But, did you know that one should make a few changes in the way he/she brushes during the winter months to experience ultimate results? The first thing is to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles. It is to be noted that toothbrushes with hard bristles can do severe damage to your gums and enamel. If you are suffering from the problem of teeth sensitivity then immediately switch to a toothpaste which has designed for sensitive teeth. Usage of mouthwash at least twice a day is also recommended to keep your mouth germ free.
  • Take proper care of your gums – You should know that taking proper care of your gums is imperative if you want the oral health to be on point. As mentioned before, germs and bacteria responsible for causing flu and cold during winters can also be the reason for gum infection. So, be careful to notice the first signs of gum infection such as redness or inflammation. Visiting a dentist will help you to find out about the proper guideline for taking care of your gums.
  • Avoid a few types of food – You should avoid the consumption of food and beverages which have high acidic and sugar content. Acidic food and beverages such as tomatoes, tangerines, oranges, grapes, cranberries, raspberries, cherries, pineapples, soda, and other carbonated drinks soften the enamel layer and in turn, make your teeth more prone to erosion and decay. You should also avoid intake of food such as candies which have a lot of sugar. If it’s not possible to regulate the diet then make sure to rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash right after eating the above-mentioned foods and drinks.
  • Drink plenty of water – One of the key factors of keeping your teeth and gums healthy during the winter months is drinking an adequate amount of water. Just remember that drinking less water can lead to dehydration which ultimately leads to less production of saliva. Now, less saliva is considered ideal for the growth of bacteria in your mouth. So stay hydrated and keep your teeth healthy.
  • Wear a mouthguard – You should wear a mouthguard during the winter months. In case of any confusion, consult a dentist nearby. Usage of a mouthguard will also nullify the chances of any sort of teeth injuries.

We hope that this blog has made you aware of the ways of keeping your gums and teeth healthy during the cold winter months. Keep these pointers in your mind and let the most precious gift of your life get ruined – you smile.

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Thing to know about Dental Health

People say that the worth of teeth can only be understood when you lose them. To make sure that your dental health is on-point, it is necessary to adopt a few preventive measures which will help you to avoid the chances of suffering from oral issues. Now, how can you figure out the measure or the care to be taken without a detailed knowledge about dental health. Keeping this thing in mind, we decided to provide a blog related to oral health. Therefore, if you have doubts similar to this topic then go through the sections below to draw an end to all such confusions.

The first thing to be known by you is dental health is an integral part of your overall health. So, any problems related to your teeth or gum can have a direct negative impact on the well-being of your body and lead to diseases such as cancer, myocardial infarction (heart attack), diabetes etc. 

Maintenance of oral health is a commitment which runs throughout your life. The fun fact is, it is imperative for you to start taking care of your oral health pretty early. Preventive steps such as brushing, flossing or limiting the intake of sugar on a regular basis will help you to save money needed for undergoing dental treatments such as root canal, dental dentures, dental implants etc.

Steps to keep your teeth healthy

As mentioned before, there are certain steps which if executed can help you to lead a better dental health. They are –

  • Brush your teeth with flouride toothpaste at least two times in a day
  • Don’t forget to floss your teeth at least once in a day
  • Lessen down on the sugar intake on a regular basis
  • Make sure to maintain a healthy diet consisting of vegetables and fruits
  • You can choose to drink fluoridated water
  • Never choose to go for tobacco products
  • Consult a dentist on a regular basis

Adopt these measures and preserve your smile because it is the most precious gift you possess.

Symptoms of dental problems

It is to be noted that visiting a dental clinic for getting professional advice should just not happen while facing dental problems. You should do so pretty often so that the issues get caught in their early stages. Given below are a few symptoms of dental problems.

  • Having a problem of chronic bad breath
  • Swollen or bleeding of gums after flossing or brushing
  • Tremendous pain in the tooth or gum
  • Unusual swelling of the cheeks and face
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Sores, ulcer or tenderness inside the mouth
  • Unbearable sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages
  • Deterioration of gums
  • Dry mouth due to less production of saliva

So if you face any of such problems, don’t wait for another minute to get in touch with a reliable dental clinic nearby.

You must have now gained an idea about the overall concept of oral health and its maintenance. To know more, it is advisable to consult a dental professional. If you are looking for best dentists in Pharr, TX, contact Arcade Dental. We offer excellent dental treatments and also lay emphasis on communicating with our patients and eradicating their confusions. Nowadays with the benefits offered by dental insurances, getting dental work done is not even that costly anymore. Call us today.

Gather knowledge about Dental Insurance

People often keep the thoughts regarding getting dental insurance for them at bay. But going through this blog will give you a clear understanding about why it is wise to opt for dental insurances and also avail all its benefits on time. In case you have similar queries, it is advisable to give the sections below a diligent read. Here at the Arcade Dental in Pharr, TX, we take special care in letting our patients know about different topics related to dental services and treatments. This in turn helps them o shed all inhibitions and embark on the journey of maintaining good oral health. This blog about dental insurance has been handcrafted with the same motive in mind.

We should give you an idea about what dental insurances actually are. In very lame words, they can be defined to be a way to protect people against cost. You might not be aware of the fact that dental work can make a hole in your pocket. But, should it stop you from maintaining the well-being of your oral health? The answer to this question is no. Here emerges the importance of dental insurances. Compromisation is never an option when it comes to your health. Getting an insurance will make the company cover a major portion of the expenditure required for dental work and help you to maintain a healthy oral life. Always remember to find out about what a dental insurance covers before committing to it. 

Benefits of Dental Insurance

Giving the pointers below a read will make you aware of the benefits which can be availed if you choose to get dental insurance.

  • The first and foremost advantage is dental insurance helps to reduce the cost of undergoing various dental treatments. It has been seen that people suffering from dental issues avoid scheduling their appointments at a dental clinic due to the cost. Dental insurances cover mostly 100-80-5- percent of the money spent. The percentage of coverage directly depends on the money paid by you to the insurance company and their policies.
  • Having dental insurance will also motivate you to visit a professional dental clinic on a regular basis. This helps to adopt preventive measures and also eliminates the chances of suffering from serious dental issues in the near future.
  • Getting dental insurance can also be very effective in getting rid of the stress regarding medical treatment. You can stay assured about availing the best treatment, no matter whichever disease you are suffering from. 

So wait no more and get your dental insurance today. It is to be noted that maintenance of your oral health is very important if you want to stay fit and healthy.

Insurance policy at Arcade Dental, Pharr, TX

Here at Arcade Dental we lay special emphasis to make sure that you get to avail the maximum benefits offered by the insurance companies. All you gotta do is make us aware of your policy while scheduling the appointment. Our professionals will guide throughout the entire process and make it feel like a breeze passing by. 

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What Are The Instances Where You Should Get Dental Crowns?

To begin with, dental crowns are caps that cover your teeth when you damage them. There are different situations where a dentist recommends dental crowns. These instances can range from restoring the shape of your teeth, enhancing your teeth’s aesthetic appeal, and bettering your teeth’s strength. In addition to all this, dental crowns further support weak teeth. Talking about the durability of crowns, they can last anywhere between five to fifteen years, depending on your dental hygiene routine.

Dental crowns were traditionally made of metals, but, with the technological advancements in the cosmetic dentistry industry, they were made from a combination of metal and porcelain. Thus, people, today, have the option of choosing from a variety of dental crowns for improving their smiles, restoring their damaging teeth, etc. Dental crowns aid in stabilizing weak teeth and protecting overall teeth structure in case of damaged teeth.

Listed below are four instances when you should opt for dental crowns.

  • Broken Teeth: A broken tooth is more susceptible to fractures, where the individual is likely to experience a severe toothache. Getting a dental crown in this case will support the remaining part of the broken tooth along with preserving it.
  • Cracked Teeth: Many people get confused between a cracked tooth and a broken tooth. Individuals can crack their teeth because of various reasons like biting nails, chewing ice, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching. A cracked tooth becomes weak and hence sensitive. Therefore, getting a dental crown for a cracked tooth helps in protecting and supporting it as well as safeguarding it from sensitivity.
  • After A Root Canal Treatment: Dentists use dental crowns for individuals suffering from a serious root canal infection, where the tooth pulp along with the nerves and blood vessels is permanently destroyed. Thus, the dentist removes the major part of the damaged/infected tooth during the root canal treatment. After the treatment, because the tooth needs a core buildup, the dentist uses a dental crown for supporting and protecting the tooth’s pulp.
  • Decayed Teeth: The main characteristic of a decayed tooth is a weak internal structure, which makes it more susceptible to fracture and damage. Thus, visiting a dentist for getting dental crowns in Pharr, TX, will help in supporting the decayed tooth and preserve it from further decay. Before putting a dental crown on the decayed tooth, the dentist removes the tooth’s decayed portion, so that the crown protects a healthy tooth.

If you want to restore your cracked, broken, or decayed tooth cosmetically? Then you should consider consulting a cosmetic dentist near you to know the suitable dental crown options for your specific dental concern. At Arcade Dental, we offer the best crowns dentist in Pharr, TX, who are experienced in various kinds of tooth restoration procedures.

How To Get Your Child Brush Their Teeth Regularly?

A kid is usually unable to brush on their own until they can tie their own shoes. Until then, without your guidance, they wouldn’t have the dexterity to brush properly. Our team knows how hard it can be to get a child to brush regularly. Be patient, and note that you’re setting them up for good oral health for a lifetime. Is the war worth it? It surely is!

  • First of all, note that brushing the teeth of your child does not harm him or her, and not brushing will cause more pain in the future. Try thinking about toothbrushing the way you think of other things to do, whether a child likes it or not. Of starters, when they have to be buckled in a car seat, some kids kick and scream, or hold hands as they cross the street, but we do it anyway because it’s of their safety and wellbeing. Toothbrushing is something that needs to be done for your child’s wellbeing, without question.
  • Second, we know that children feel more in control of their situation when given a choice, and are more likely to do what they are asked to do. You can say, for example, “Mom’s going to help you brush, would you like me to brush your top teeth or bottom teeth first?” or you can say, “It’s time to brush your teeth, would you like to brush in your bathroom or mine?”

Allow your child to choose the song you’re listening to while brushing or give them the option to read an extra book if the brush time goes smooth. This will take time and practice, but it will soon become second nature. When there’s no option to say “no,” children will often be able to do just as we ask.

Forcing a child into the toothbrushing routine is perfectly okay. Doing this will regularly teach a child that the rules are made by mom or dad and that they are still all right after the brushing is over. Giving lots of praise during the brushing and giving a big hug and kiss afterward will encourage your child that even when they’re fuzzy, you love and care about them.

On top of it all, for a comprehensive oral care solution for your child, we are always ready to help. Choose the best pediatric dentist near you in Pharr TX!