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How to Handle The Common Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

By Arcade Dental / August 15, 2022

Dental emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere. Depending on how you respond to a dental emergency situation, a child’s permanent tooth may be saved or lost. It is crucial to take your kid to the dentist or an emergency room as early as possible in case of an emergency. In this blog, we have come up with tips to handle common pediatric dental emergencies in detail.

Knocked Out Tooth

Knowing what to do when a child has a knocked-out tooth is crucial because, if treated right away, a knocked-out tooth permanent tooth can be reimplanted with ease. You need to do the following if your kid’s permanent tooth is knocked out:

  • It is necessary to stop the bleeding immediately. Take your youngster to the emergency room if you can’t stop the bleeding yourself. 
  • Look for the tooth. If you find it, pick it up very carefully while not touching the tooth’s root. Gently clean any debris away with water if the tooth is dirty. Make sure not to use any soap or scrubbers on it.
  • Gently reinsert the tooth in the socket correctly after cleaning it (only if it is a permanent tooth, there is no need to reposition a baby tooth). Put pressure on the tooth with your thumb to bring it to level with the adjacent teeth.
  • Have your youngster bite down on some gauze or cloth. This will help hold the tooth in place until you can get to the dentist. Consult your dentist as soon as possible because reimplanting the tooth works best within an hour.
  • Keep the permanent tooth wet until you visit the dentist if you cannot place it back into the socket. The tooth should be ideally kept in a glass of cold milk. You might also instruct your kid to keep the tooth in their mouth if he/she is old enough not to swallow the tooth while doing so. Bring the tooth to the dentist wrapped in a moist cloth if neither of these options is feasible.
  • You must know that it is imperative to visit the dentist even if you can’t find the tooth. The tooth, whether a permanent tooth or a primary, may have been knocked up into the gums, depending on the injury.

Chipped Or Fractured Tooth

Fortunately, a chipped tooth in case of a kid can be fixed. A tooth-colored filling or dental bonding can perfectly restore a minorly chipped tooth. A dental crown may be required for a tooth that has sustained significant damage. It’s crucial to act and go to the dentist, even if it is a baby tooth. The tips for dealing with a fractured or chipped tooth in children are:

  • You need to first control the bleeding somehow. Visit a dentist or an emergency room immediately if you cannot do so. 
  • Have your child swish warm water around in their mouth. Make sure there are no teeth pieces in their mouth that they might accidentally swallow.
  • Try to locate the tooth fragments (if possible) and bring them to the dental office with you and your child.
  • Visit the best dentist as soon as you can if your child has a significant chip or fracture or if the tooth is loose, has shifted, or is hurting.
  • Apply a cold compress on your child’s injured cheek and ask them to hold it there on your way to the dentist.

Immense Toothache

First, have your child rinse their mouth with warm water if they are experiencing tooth pain. After that, lightly floss to eliminate any bits of food or debris that might be lodged there and hurt. Make an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist if the tooth is still bothering you. You need to know that applying aspirin to a tooth and the gums don’t give any relief and are a common misconception. It may even make the gum tissue burn.

Instead, giving your child an over-the-counter painkiller can help them feel better until you can get them to the dental office. Your child may have an infection if they suffer from swelling and excruciating tooth pain, which, if left untreated, could spread. As a result, it’s essential to schedule an immediate dental appointment. Apply a cool compress to your child’s face to reduce swelling while going to the dentist.

Injuries In The Cheeks, Lips, or Tongue

You need to follow these steps if your child bites his/her tongue or lips or injures other soft tissues in the mouth. 

  • Make your child rinse their mouth thoroughly with warm water to figure out how bad the injury is.
  • Apply pressure with a clean towel or piece of gauze to stop any sort of bleeding.
  • You need to make your child apply an ice pack or cold compress wrapped in a towel to the face or lip if there is inflammation.
  • Consult a medical professional if the bleeding doesn’t stop or if you believe your child could require stitches.

Broken Jaw

It’s critical to get medical attention straight away if you think your child may have a fractured jaw. They must be checked since a severe blow is enough to fracture a child’s jaw and could also result in a concussion. Apply a cold compress to the jaw to reduce swelling as you make your way to the emergency room.

We hope you have now gathered a clear understanding of how to handle common dental emergencies. Give us a call today! Book an appointment at Arcade Dental if you want the best quality pediatric dental care in Pharr, TX.