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What Are Dentures? How Should You Care For It?

By Arcade Dental / February 3, 2022

Dentures have become integral to the field of dentistry a long time ago. It is one of the most preferred treatment options by a dentist to replace a missing tooth. Different types of materials are used for developing a denture. It ranges from metal materials, acrylic plastic materials, and porcelain, to name among a few. One of the key benefits of dentures is their resemblance with that of the natural teeth and their surrounding gum tissue. 

You can choose from two types of dentures depending on the condition of your teeth. A complete denture may be required if you look to replace a full row of teeth. However, partial dentures will be enough for those looking to fill in the missing teeth spaces. Partial dentures are also suitable for preventing the teeth from changing positions. Dentures are made available both as immediate dentures and conventional dentures. 

In immediate dentures, tooth replacement is performed the same day after the extraction of the natural teeth. It helps reduce the chances of bleeding and protect the tissues. In a conventional denture technique, the dentures are placed in the gap after 8 to 12 weeks, which helps in the gum healing process. However, it takes more time, and the denture replacement will be performed based on the dentist’s recommendation. For those having some natural teeth, partial dentures may be the right one to go for.

You may be asked for a few appointments regularly when it comes to the process of denture placement. 

  • Initial Diagnosis
  • Taking an impression of the jaw’s position
  • A prototype for finding out the correct color
  • Shape and other details
  • Final placement of dentures before making any little adjustments

Taking Care Of The Dentures

Dentists in Pharr, TX, use adhesives, especially for first-time wearers of dentures. It makes it more stable and increases confidence while wearing it. There are several other points that one should note while wearing a denture.

  • Please make use of a denture cleaner for cleaning the replaced teeth by taking them out
  • Avoid using boiling water for sterilizing the dentures since it may cause deformation of their shape
  • If you are wearing a partial denture, then you should remove it before brushing the natural teeth

It would be best to keep the dentures soaked in water or a denture cleanser whenever you are not using it. You should remove the dentures before sleeping. It is desirable to help the gum tissues rest without a denture for at least eight hours a day since it helps stimulate and cleanse saliva and the tongue. 
It is also desirable to go for regular dental checkups as per the dentist’s suggestions. It is because a denture may need adjustment or remake as time progresses. It would be best if you never tried to adjust the dentures yourself. Visit your nearest Pharr dentist for more information on dentures. Ensure that you have done proper research about the dental office. You can request referrals from your family members or ask for recommendations from those who have undergone denture treatment nearby.