Dental Dentures


Quick Custom Dentures

Dentures have become an absolute necessity for many Americans. Did you know that at least 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth? That’s a lot of missing teeth. At Arcade Dental, we understand the importance of having all of your teeth, which is why we focus on prosthodontics.

What Is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is the creation of false teeth (dentures) that replace teeth missing in a patient. Most dental clinics take the impression of a patient’s mouth but are required to send those impressions off to another lab that could be out of town or even out of state. This can greatly increase the turnaround time. Our Pharr dental office provides these prosthetic teeth in-house through our on-site laboratory. By having an on-site prosthodontics lab, we can simplify the entire process, which enables patients to receive their dentures much faster than from any other dental clinic.

Important Reasons For Choosing Dentures

There are numerous reasons to receive dentures at our Pharr dental clinic. Here are some of the most common reasons why our dentists recommend receiving a prosthodontics treatment:


Patients who are missing their teeth are subject to a limited diet because they are not able to chew certain foods. Without teeth, they are not able to eat certain fruits and vegetables, nor are they able to eat meat. When a patient receives dentures, they are able to resume a normal healthy diet that enables them to eat any type of foods.


Teeth provide individuals with strong facial features. When a patient is missing all of their teeth, their facial structure tends to collapse, creating an unappealing appearance. Dentures revive the patient’s facial structure by giving them a more fresh and youthful appearance, which provides them with a boost in personal confidence.

Oral Functions

Dentures ensure that a patient can resume normal oral functions, including speaking. This prosthodontics procedure enables patients to speak more clearly, smile more freely, and chew foods without hesitation.

The Process Of Receiving Dentures

If you are missing your teeth, then the process for receiving dentures is simple. The first step is contacting our Pharr dental office and scheduling an appointment. Our dental staff will schedule a time that best works for you. At your dental appointment, the following will take place:
  • EXAMINATION: Our dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and make certain you receive the proper dental treatment.

  • IMPRESSION: Once our dentist approves that dentures are the best course of action, we will take an impression of your mouth to ensure your dentures perfectly fit your mouth.

  • CUSTOM & IN-HOUSE: Once the impression is taken, it’s just a short walk down the hall to our in-house lab where we begin creating your dentures. By customizing your dentures, we can make certain your dentures look and feel just like natural teeth.