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Root Canal Treatment – Definition & Follow Up Care

By Arcade Dental / April 22, 2022

Most people are aware of root canal treatment. For those who do not have a complete understanding of root canal surgery, reading this blog can be beneficial.

What is a Root Canal?

The root canal is basically the pulp cavity of the tooth that consists of blood vessels, pulp, and nerves. 

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure involves a few simple steps. They are:

  • Consulting a dentist who will take an X-ray of the affected tooth. It helps him/her to figure out if the tooth is infected and requires a root canal treatment.
  • The affected area is then numbed with the help of anesthesia to not feel pain during the procedure.
  • A rubber dam isolates the affected tooth from the surrounding environment and saliva.
  • A hole is drilled into the affected tooth with the help of a dental bur that lets one access the pulp cavity. 
  • The next step is to remove the dead or infected pulp, nerve, and tissues. The pulp cavity is then cleaned properly. 
  • The pulp cavity is then filled with an inert rubber-like dental material referred to as gutta-percha after cleaning and shaping it. You need to know that Gutta-percha is safe and compatible with your mouth. 
  • Restore the tooth crown with the help of a permanent or temporary filling.

Follow-Up Treatment

The root canal process can be completed within a day (one day RCT). This can help to reduce the time required for this particular procedure. Though, your dentist can recommend you go for a two-day root canal treatment. Both visits can be spaced out by a week. A two-visit root canal treatment is generally advisable for people experiencing severe tenderness, inflammation, or tremendous pain from the affected tooth during the treatment. 

While undergoing the root canal procedure, you should be careful to observe proper and good aftercare for the newly treated tooth. Once the treatment is completed, it is advisable to avoid chewing with the newly treated weak tooth before your dentist places the dental crown or the permanent filling. 

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

The recent advancements in dental technology have made it possible for root canal treatment to be done in a single visit by shortening the time needed for this process. The latest technology provides an efficient way to complete the root canal process in just a single visit which makes it a very popular choice in today’s time. 

Treatment time for minor or basic root canal cases ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. Although, a complex situation can need up to 90 minutes or even more. The progress of the root canal procedure depends on a few factors, i.e., the ability of the patient to sit with his/her mouth open and the anatomy or shape of the roots and tooth. Root canal treatment is absolutely safe and should not be the reason for fear or anxiety among patients. 

Is the Root Canal Treatment Very Painful?

The primary aim of root canal treatment is to alleviate pain. But, undergoing this treatment can make one go through some discomfort and anesthesia. These issues are easily resolved with the help of anesthesia. Discomfort and pain can ultimately return when the effect of anesthesia is gone. Over-the-counter medications and prescribed painkillers is also a way to reduce pain. If the troubles continue to bother them, the patients should consult the dentist immediately. Schedule an appointment with our dentists today to know more about root canal treatment.