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How should you encourage your kids to floss?

By Arcade Dental / February 15, 2022

Flossing is as important as brushing. But many of us are pretty lazy in flossing, even though we may not forget to brush regularly. But if we cannot do it ourselves, how can we expect our kids to floss after brushing? Do you know that flossing plays a vital role in our oral health? It can clear the debris present in the gaps between the teeth. These are the areas where the brush cannot reach. If the food debris is left to stay within those teeth gaps, it may cause plaque and tartar. Hence, you and your kids must develop the habit of flossing at least once a day. Here are some tips that could encourage your kids to floss.

Let Flossing Be Fun

Try to make flossing a game between you and your kids. If you do not floss in a day, your kid will get some points. If your kids don’t floss daily, you will get some points. The one who scores better by the end of the month wins. You should ensure that you include a gift for the winner. It is one way to encourage kids to do flossing daily.  

Give Rewards for Flossing 

You should provide your kid with a special gift if they floss daily for one month. They should not have missed a single day in that month also for flossing. By the end of the month, please provide them with a reward that they like the most. It will keep them motivated to continue flossing for the next month too. 

Ask Your Kids to Choose the Flossing Products

Let your kids choose toothbrush and flossing products from a shop. It gives them a sense of responsibility. Since they have bought it, they tend to use it more often. 

Do Flossing Together with Your Kids

Kids like to do everything together with their families. Ask them to brush and floss with you. It ensures that your kids do not miss flossing in a day. You and your kids will enjoy flossing altogether by making it a family activity. You can also play music while flossing. It gives more fun for kids at the time of flossing so that they do not get bored of it. 

Show Educational Videos about What Will Happen to the Teeth If Flossing is Not Done

It is one of the best ways to encourage your kids to floss regularly. You can search for various educational videos online in which a Pharr dentist clearly explains how the teeth can get damaged if flossing is not done. 
The tips mentioned above will surely motivate your kid to floss regularly. It also plays a vital role in improving the oral health of your kid. Visit your nearest pediatric dentist in Pharr, Texas, for any dental problems.