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Foods Besides Candy That Can Cause Tooth Decay

By Arcade Dental / August 15, 2018

Our enamel is the toughest substance in our body that coats our teeth and shields them from any damage. As we age, it naturally wears down as a result of our everyday activities like chewing and drinking. This means that once it starts to erode, we have less protection on our teeth from anything we consume. The bad news is that enamel cannot grow back, but we can easily make better decisions that can strengthen the enamel we have left. Our general dentists that practice adult dentistry and kids dentistry at Arcade Dental in Pharr, Texas recommend that you watch what you eat. This can make a huge difference in your oral health and general well-being.

Why Certain Foods Can Cause Tooth Decay

It doesn’t matter if one of our patients at Arcade Dental is a child or an adult; our diet is vital to our overall health. Eating candy or drinking carbonated drinks can weaken our enamel to the point of tooth decay and cavities. One factor that eating candy and drinking carbonated soft drinks have in common is sugar. Eating anything that contains sugar can potentially lead to tooth decay and eventually cavities because the sugar sticks to our teeth, which enables the plaque to feed and harden on the surfaces and in between the teeth, thus causing decay. Carbohydrates, like rice, for example, are sugars that we wouldn’t think of as damaging to our oral health, but they can be. Other foods that can contribute to tooth decay include chocolate, cakes, crackers, potato chips, peanut butter, and even some fruits–especially acidic ones like pineapples and oranges.

General Dentistry at Arcade Dental

Here at Arcade Dental in Pharr, Texas, near McAllen, Hidalgo, San Juan, and Edinburg, we practice general dentistry. This means we are regularly treating both our children and adult patients who experience tooth decay as a result of consuming these sugary foods.

There are dental risks that come from eating your favorite foods like rice, pasta, or snacks, so when you do indulge, we recommend you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste right after you finish. If you happen to be out or away from a toothbrush and toothpaste, we recommend you rinse your mouth with water and then chew some sugar-free gum. This will help cut tooth-rotting bacteria that thrive off of your sugar intake. Lastly, make sure you floss every day in order to prevent plaque buildup.

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