Kids Dentistry

Find An Kids Dentist In Pharr, TX

There’s a reason why we have “Arcade Dental” in our name! We are extremely dedicated to serving kids as much as we love serving adults. We have established ourselves as one of the best pediatric dental clinics in Pharr, TX, being family dentistry.

There’s a range of dental treatments that we provide to kids and are set up in a way that would make them feel the most comfortable. Our dentists are highly kid-friendly and are specifically trained to serve kids. We believe that anxiety is only eradicated by comfort, and that’s why there’s nothing we would possibly spare to comfort your kid!


How Are Kids Comforted At Arcade Dental

We understand that kids dread going to the dentist. We also understand the reasons behind it! At Arcade Dental, kids are let to play video games while they wait to see the dentist. It’s not a new practice; we’ve been doing this for a long time and it works!

Once your kid has met the dentist, they can watch movies or their favorite cartoon shows on a big screen while they’re treated! That’s not all! Kids are treated with the utmost care and compassion at Arcade Dental. From the moment they walk in, we set out on a mission to keep a smile on their faces throughout their time at our clinic!

Our Pediatric Dental Services Include

Dental Cleaning in Pharr, TX

A dental cleaning helps eliminate hard to remove plaque buildup. This plaque buildup can create bacteria that can eat away at the enamel of teeth, making it very easy for cavities to start. These dental cleanings should be conducted every six months so that our kid’s dentist can keep an eye on the oral health of our young patients.

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