Tooth Extraction For Kids In Pharr Tx

What is tooth extraction?

As the name of the procedure suggests, tooth extraction is the process of removing a natural tooth from the gums by pulling it out. Tooth extraction is usually performed on an infected or injured tooth that either deteriorates the oral health of the patient or puts flaws on the aesthetics of the patient’s smile.

Kids Tooth Extraction in Pharr Tx

When would kids need a tooth extraction?

Know Tooth Extraction  for  Kids  in Pharr Tx

Kids may need a tooth extraction due to the same reasons for which adults need it.

  • Firstly, there might be too much of cavities in a tooth that would only spread and so it’s best to take the infected tooth out. However, tooth extraction is only needed when a dental sealant is not enough to prevent the cavities from spreading. Cavities are the most common reason for kids to get their teeth extracted because of the amount of sugar they intake.
  • A kid may need a tooth extraction even in the case of an oral injury. A kid may get a broken or chipped tooth while playing and this could be harmful to his/her oral health. It may even cause oral injuries to the kid due to the sharp edges of the chipped tooth.
  • A misaligned tooth may also cause the same troubles. When a kid has a misaligned tooth, his/her oral health could be impacted by it. This is because brushing and flossing would not be able to get rid of the germs from and in between misaligned teeth, which would only lead to cavities in the future.

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What to expect

Tooth extraction is a simple procedure, especially when it’s performed on kids. This is because a kid’s teeth are not as tough to extract as an adult’s tooth, and the procedure is smooth.

  • At first, an anesthetic will be given to the kid to ensure that the experience is painless for him/her.
  • Following this, dental forceps will be used to rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it. Some surrounding gum tissues may be removed but only in rare cases.
  • The forceps will keep rocking the tooth until its uprooted. The dentist will prescribe any medication required to ease the pain post-extraction. And that’s just it!
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