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Need a Kids Dentist? Bring Them to Arcade Dental

By Arcade Dental / July 12, 2017

At Arcade Dental, we love kids. Our dentists work hard to ensure that kids understand the importance of maintaining proper oral health. We make kids dentistry an enjoyable and fun experience for the whole family.

Since our name is Arcade Dental, we obviously have video games and movies. This helps with children who are hesitant about going to the kid’s dentist. When children are able to play video games or watch movies before their dental appointment, it allows them to take their minds off of the upcoming procedure. Another great positive is that it allows parents to take care of filling out forms while awaiting the dental appointment.


Our dental office in Pharr offers numerous dental procedures for kids. Here are some of the dental services that many kids often need:

  • DENTAL FILLINGS – It isn’t always easy to ensure kids are taking care of their teeth. Even when kids brush twice per day and floss, they may not do it thoroughly. If this is the case, they can easily get cavities. These cavities have to be removed and filled with dental fillings. This ensures the teeth remain healthy and strong.
  • BRACES – If your child has crooked or gapped teeth that need to be adjusted and straightened, then our Six Month Braces are a perfect fit. These braces create beautiful and healthy smiles in a short amount of time.
  • DENTAL SEALANTS – Placing dental sealants on teeth help defend against possible cavities. These sealants last approximately two years and must be reapplied. But this inexpensive procedure can save a lot of money in the long run.

Check out all of the kids dentistry procedures we offer on our Kids Dentistry page.


If your child is in need of great dental care, then contact our Pharr dental clinic today and book your appointment. We look forward to providing you and your family with healthy and beautiful smiles and creating lasting relationships with all of our Pharr families.