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Got Cavities? Our Pharr Dentists Recommend Dental Fillings

By Arcade Dental / September 20, 2017

Dental caries are sometimes pretty sneaky and can appear almost out of nowhere if you aren’t really vigilant about your oral hygiene. Brushing twice per day, flossing every day, and going to the dentist for dental cleanings every six months is extremely important to keeping dental cavities away. But like we said, sometimes a cavity might sneak in there. Then what do you do?

At Arcade Dental in Pharr, TX, our dentists work hard to ensure that if any cavities appear, they are taken care of immediately. The last thing you want is for the cavity to spread across the tooth causing real damage, which is why we provide dental fillings to all of our pediatric and adult patients.

If a cavity forms in the tooth, it must be removed. Our kid’s dentists and general dentists get rid of the cavity and then replace that decayed part of the tooth with a filling. A dental filling is made up of various materials, most commonly composite resin. This resin is tooth-colored so that the tooth remains in its natural shade.

Dental fillings at our Pharr dentist office are extremely durable as well. The purpose of the filling is to ensure that the patient is able to return to normal oral functions, like chewing food. Dental fillings typically last about a decade, sometimes even two.


When conducting oral upkeep at home, you can check your teeth yourself. It’s pretty easy to see how your molars are doing and if there is any dark discoloration. If there is, then that means it is time to schedule an appointment with our Pharr dentist at Arcade Dental.

Self-checks, however, aren’t 100% accurate. You won’t be able to see in the crevices of your mouth, and checking the inside part of the front teeth and incisors is almost impossible. This is why dental cleanings are so important. These allow our kids dentists and adult dentists to check for cavities, as well as other dental issues, like gum disease.

In the event that a cavity is ignored, it can spread quickly across the tooth and deeper toward the root. This turns a very simple dental procedure into something more invasive, like a root canal or the requirement for a dental crown.


Waiting to receive a dental filling is a bad idea because a cavity doesn’t heal, it can only progress. Our Pharr, TX dentist highly recommends you address your cavities in a timely manner. Contact our dental office today and schedule your appointment.