Sedation Dentistry

One of our primary goals here at Arcade Dental in Pharr is to ensure that every patient is completely comfortable and at ease before and during their procedure. This is why we offer video games and other forms of entertainment to our patients—kids and adults. We also provide sedation for patients who are anxious about their procedure.

It’s understandable for patients to be a little anxious about their procedure. At our Pharr dental office, we offer oral and nitrous sedation. The choice of either or neither is strictly up to the patient. These two choices are known as conscious sedation, which means the patient is not put to sleep while undergoing the procedure. What these sedation options do is relax the body and mind, so the patient will relax during the procedure and enable our dentist to perform the task as seamlessly as possible.


Can Patients Get Sick From Sedation?

Some patients prefer oral sedation because nitrous sedation can make them a little nauseous, which we never want to happen. During and after the dental procedure, we want our patients to feel great.

Patients who receive nitrous sedation and start to feel uncomfortable should inform the dental assistant or the dentist in order for us to fix the problem.


When Children Gets Sedated

Most children become relaxed and/or drowsy and may drift into a light sleep from which they can be easily aroused. Some children may experience an opposite reaction such as agitation or crying. These also are common responses to the medicines and may prevent us from completing the dental procedures. In any case, our staff will observe your child’s response to the medications and provide assist as needed.

The doctor and staff will evaluate the child’s status before discharging them. Children recover from the effects of sedatives at different rates so parents should be prepared to remain at our office until the doctor has determined the child is stable and the after-effects are minimal. At discharge, the child may be drowsy, crying, or fussy.


Did you know…

The miraculous discovery of anesthesia for painless surgery was initially found by Horace Wells and William T. G. Morton in 1844 and 1846.

Sedation Dentistry?

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Which Procedures Need Sedation?

The answer to that question is two-fold: all or none. It is up to the patient to receive sedation. If they feel they are too nervous or anxious, then we recommend sedation. On the other hand, there are plenty of patients who feel no hesitance about a dental procedure and do not require sedation.

Oral or nitrous sedation can be used for any dental procedures, including dental fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, and root canals. Of course, all of these invasive treatments require anesthesia.

Anesthesia ensures the patient does not feel any pain during their treatment. Since our kid’s dentists and general dentists deal with areas that contain nerves, they always place anesthesia into the area that will receive the operation. Quite often, anesthesia is enough to relax our patients.

Being anxious about visiting the dentist can now be completely relieved. With sedation, patients can finally undergo any type of dental treatment with peace of mind.

If you require any type of dental procedure, even if just a dental cleaning, contact Arcade Dental today and schedule your appointment. We look forward to providing you with a beautiful and healthy smile