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Know The Probable Causes For Teeth Sensitivity

By Arcade Dental / January 4, 2022

The underlying layer of your teeth is known as denting. If you are having sensitive teeth, then the roots of your teeth or dentin will also be exposed due to the decreasing gum tissue. Thus the inability to protect the nerve center of teeth results in the person experiencing hot and cold stimuli whenever they consume or eat food items. Another cause of sensitivity could be the presence of periodontal disease. This is because the disease could result in the breakdown of enamel and dentin in the teeth that are associated directly with sensitivity. 

The exposed dentin could be very painful. The teeth’s surface will consist of microscopic channels that comprise fluids. The fluid present in these channels irritates whenever the person eats or drinks cold or hot fluids. Tooth sensitivity can be prevented to a great extent by maintaining good oral hygiene, brushing, and flossing. Here are some of the reasons why your teeth are sensitive. 

Unhealthy Brushing Practices

The gum tissue could be degraded if you make use of a toothbrush with hard bristles or whenever you try to brush too hard. However, reluctance to brush regularly could result in the accumulation of bacteria within the mouth and teeth leading to periodontal disease which may further cause sensitivity. 

Gingivitis or Gum Disease

Whenever you are affected with gingivitis or gum disease, it leads to damage of ligaments within the gum, thus leading to the exposure of the root surface. This leads to sensitivity in teeth. 

Chipped Teeth

If your tooth is chipped or broken, bacteria and plaque may accumulate within the pulp, leading to inflammation. It further leads to sensitivity of the teeth. 

Teeth Grinding

Grinding teeth is quite common among people. However, regularly grinding your teeth could lead to the breaking down of the enamel and dentin which might cause teeth sensitivity. 

Tooth Whiteners

Tooth whiteners are considered to be one of the main causes of tooth sensitivity. It consists of abrasives that break down the enamel of the teeth. By breaking down the teeth’ enamel, teeth sensitivity will occur in the person.


Plaque is a result of failure to maintain proper oral hygiene. Once plaque starts to affect the surfaces of the root, the susceptibility of the teeth to hot and cold becomes higher. 


Mouthwash should be used only in limited quantities. Overuse of mouthwashes may result in damage to dentin and enamel. You should be consuming fluoride-rich mouthwash for daily use.

Dentists at Pharr, Texas will apply fluoride wash to the patient who feels tooth sensitivity. Keeping fluoride foam within the mouth for a few minutes can provide good strength for the teeth. A dentist may also recommend the need for root canal treatment depending on the condition of the teeth. Dentists in Pharr, Texas may try to strengthen the enamel surface by making use of a bonding agent.