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The Modern Alternatives To Traditional Braces

By Arcade Dental / March 29, 2019

Braces have been the corrective tool for uneven, missing or badly shaped teeth, since centuries now. Invented as early as 1728, braces have been widely preferred by even the celebrities across the globe. Whether it be Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie or be it Emma Watson as a child actor, most famous Hollywood celebrities today got that “Hollywood Smile” of theirs, simply with the aid of braces! In fact, most of us don’t even remember our favorite actors having used dental braces once upon a time!

Braces and their variants

If you have, by this time, already researched on the use of braces by celebrities or any particular favorite actor of yours, quickly check out on the ones used by Tom Cruise! They are the ceramic ones. Ceramic braces are brackets made up of ceramic which are attached to the front of the misaligned tooth. They are clear, see-through ones and smaller in size as compared to the traditional metal braces. The string or wire that anchors that links the brackets and anchors them together thus actually working your teeth to the right shape. This wire may be silver or white, which makes the braces negligibly visible, especially in photos and on camera. Few others even use colored bands to compliment their fashion goals!

So the primary reason for choosing ceramic braces over the metallic ones is because they are minimally noticeable. So, are there more differences than this between metallic braces and their ceramic counterparts? Let us have a glance at them.

The Ceramic Vs. Metallic Braces


Ceramic braces almost take as long as the silver metal ones to correct your dental anomalies in shape and structure. Generally, braces require about 1 to 3 years to do their job. However, your orthodontist may even advice you to simply put them on for merely a period of 6 months depending upon the condition of your problem.


Ceramic braces cost slightly more than the metal ones. And why not? In fact, that is quite obvious given the advantages of the former over the latter as far as your ‘good looks’ are concerned! Especially if your profession demands you to be in your best attire and your best presentable form, incurring a slightly higher expenditure for the ceramic braces would be worth it.

Other types of braces your dentist may offer you?

1.The Lingual Braces:

They are also sometimes commonly referred to as ‘inside braces’ as they appear on the inner side of your teeth. They are again a level more invisible than the traditional or ceramic ones. Though they may be noticed while you open your mouth, chances of spotting them are very less. Effectiveness and functionality, however remains the same as that of the other two types being discussed. But again lingual braces would cut a little deeper into your pocket than the other two kinds. The term ‘lingual’ means tongue and the only issue with these braces is that your tongue requires some time to adapt to the new change inside your mouth.


Most importantly, these can be custom-made. An Invisalign® will be exclusively prepared for you. It is plastic-made in the shape and alignment that your teeth structure requires. It is not made of metal and is without any band or brackets. Therefore its easily removable and you might choose to open it while munching on your favorite dish! Only you need to make sure that you wear these plastic aligners for at least 20 hours a day. Or else it becomes ineffective. However, there are certain complex problems that cannot be corrected without fixed braces!

At Arcade Dental we offer Invisalign® to our patients as it has the ability to resemble the natural appearance of your teeth.

3.Self-Ligating Braces

They are similar to traditional and ceramic braces. The brackets in these braces come with clips that help them to hold on to the wire. They are therefore less painful and also hold on less food and therefore less troublesome and easy to adapt with. They can be found in both the ceramic and metallic versions. Orthodontists today are mostly known to use this form of fixed braces. The treatment period associated is also short. However, they are not suited to all types of patient needs.

Since cost is not the only factor that allows you to determine which type of braces you may opt for, a trip to your dentist would be necessary to arrive upon a decision. Not all braces are suited for all kinds of altercations that your individual dental setup might require. Given the ‘time constraint’ factor in today’s life, one should go for the ones that yield the results more quickly and conveniently, which in turn would prove to be a more cost-effective solution for you!

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