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Effective Hacks Of Choosing A Toothbrush

By Arcade Dental / November 4, 2021

Brushing your teeth is a must to keep your oral health on point. It basically helps to get rid of the food particles that get stuck in between your teeth or along the gumline. Ignoring this step on a daily basis can invite different types of dental problems and in turn have a negative effect on your overall body. But, choosing a proper toothbrush is equally important as executing the step. The abundance of options in today’s time can make it difficult for you to choose a perfect pick. Here at Arcade Dental, we have always advised people to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine, and selecting a toothbrush is the first step of chalking a routine. Keeping this in mind, our dentists have come up with tips to consider while getting a toothbrush. 

The Brush Head’s Dimensions

Bigger isn’t always better; some people believe that the bigger the toothbrush head, the more teeth it cleans at once. This is an absolute misconception. Brush heads come in a variety of sizes, so it’s crucial to get one that can reach those hard-to-reach spots of our mouths. Choose a toothbrush with a smaller head so you can focus on the places that large-headed toothbrushes sometimes miss, such as the space between your teeth. When you combine a little brush head with flossing when you’re supposed to, you’ll have fewer emergency dental visits and fresh breath all day.

The Type Of Bristles That Is Being Used

Bristles on toothbrushes used to come in three different types: soft, medium, and hard. There are now a couple of other varieties in the mix. Some toothbrushes even claim to be tartar-removal tools. This further adds to our perplexity in the grocery aisle, as we believe that harder, firmer toothbrushes will remove the stubborn stains on our teeth caused by coffee, tea, and other beverages. Soft nylon bristles with tapered edges are what we’re looking for. Even if we brush too hard, they are meant to brush our teeth without damaging them. It’s best if it’s as soft as possible. You need to know that brushing your teeth with hard bristles can do serious damage to the enamel (the outermost layer of human teeth) and ultimately be the reason for tooth decay

Straight Vs Rounded Bristles

Some toothbrushes feature distinct bristles that advertise different applications, as you may have seen. Tartar treatment, tooth whitening, gum health, and so on. Our toothbrush form has a significant impact on our oral health.

When we may not feel the difference between straight and rounded bristles while brushing, the tapered form is kinder on our gums. Our dental hygienists at Arcade Dental are experts at providing aftercare oral health instructions at home and can recommend the best toothbrush for you.

Select Between an Electric Or Manual Toothbrush

Is it worthwhile to invest in an electric toothbrush? This is the most popular question we get. If you can afford it, the answer is yes. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to brush properly. We are taught how to brush our teeth as youngsters, and as time passes, we adapt our brushing to our daily routine. When we’re rushing to get to work or school in the morning, we brush hastily and with little effort or technique. An electric toothbrush can assist you. They’re made to take the strain out of getting ready in the morning. Some have timers, pressure sensors, and little oscillating heads. They’re made to brush in those hard-to-reach places!


An ergonomically constructed toothbrush is essential for those with growing motor skills, such as children, as well as adults who have difficulty holding things in their hands. Furthermore, specially engineered toothbrushes can bend and flex, making it easier to clean those hard-to-reach places. You should also purchase a toothbrush that is comfortable to hold. Look for one with a long enough handle to grip comfortably in your hand. Brushing for at least 2 minutes each day is advised; but, if you use an unpleasant toothbrush, this 2 minute period will feel much longer.

We hope that you now have a clear idea about how to choose a toothbrush. In case you have any further queries related to this topic, do get in touch with wit us without any delay.
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