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Which Foods And Beverages Are Acidic To The Teeth?

By Arcade Dental / September 6, 2019

Dentists all over the world recommend their patients to stay as much away as possible from certain foods and beverages, because of their acidic nature. The reason is because acidic foods and beverages tend to soften the enamel, thereby making it more prone to decay and erosion. Acidic foods are worse than the food items that stick to the teeth. This is because you can brush and floss them off. However, if you brush and floss right after having something acidic, you might just make things worse for your teeth. To help you keep that bright smile for a little longer, here are acidic foods and beverages that damage your teeth:

1. Foods that Contain Citric Acid:

Who doesn’t like a little bit of lemon juice in a glass of water? Makes for a perfect summer beverage! However, lime and lemon have citric acids, that are known to erode your enamel. Having these too often would do more harm than good to your oral health. It is advised that you rinse your mouth with water immediately after having a glass of lemonade or lime soda, or drink plenty of water if you have a habit of drinking the two beverages on a regular basis. Fruits like oranges, tomatoes, pomelos, tangerines and even grapes are few of the many that have citric acids.

Other fruits that have citric acids in lesser amounts include the following:

  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Pineapple
  • Cranberries

2. Candies:  

Candies contain artificial sweeteners in them, that are highly acidic in nature. Since sugar itself does not have a pH value, it does not alter the acidic or alkaline levels of the liquid with which it is being mixed. The substance used to make artificial sweeteners, which are used in candies are highly acidic, which makes the candies acidic. Therefore, children must not consume candies too often, since their teeth are still in the developmental phase.

3. Sodas and Carbonated Drinks:

Sugary drinks like soda and carbonated soft beverages make your teeth absorb a lot of sugar. This sugar is then used by plaque bacteria to produce acids that are harmful to your teeth. These acids are responsible for weakening your teeth, and eventually eroding it. Sports drinks too are known for having high sugar content. Furthermore, carbonated soft drinks themselves have high acidic levels. “Most carbonated soft drinks, including diet soda, are acidic and therefore, bad for your teeth. Caffeinated beverages, such as colas can also dry out your mouth.” Watch this video showing a popular carbonated drink being used to clean a toilet. Now imagine if that’s what it can do to your toilet, what could it possibly do to your enamel?

Remember, these are just a few of the most common foods and beverages that could prove to be acidic to your teeth. There are numerous others. To get a precise overview of what you should stay away from, hand your diet chart to your dentist and he would point out the ones that are the most acidic. You would be shocked to know that even sourdough bread is known to be slightly acidic to your teeth. Hence, you never know how much harm you might do to your teeth, if you do not inspect what you eat and drink!