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Nervous About Braces? Our Office Is Here To Help.

By Arcade Dental / November 24, 2018

Some kids can’t wait to get braces, especially if all their friends are getting them. However, many kids may be nervous about braces and how they will will affect the look of their smile. They may even be concerned that they will hurt. Regardless of how your child feels about braces, you may be wondering if or when your child may need them. Luckily, if your child has been coming in for regular cleanings, our dental team is prepared for this conversation. We may have even brought up the possibility of braces before. Since the need for braces is mostly genetic, if you had braces as a kid, chances are your child will too.


Adult teeth tend to start coming in around the age of seven. This is when our dentists will be able to assess the look of the teeth, and whether braces will be necessary. Braces are a great option to correct a variety of dental issues like crooked or misaligned teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. The age that children begin treatment will vary depending on how their adult teeth come in. Some dental issues may present themselves right away, some may not show up until the early teens, or even later. The length of treatment will vary depending on the severity of the corrections being made. Every case is unique, just like our patients. We strive to find the best plan for every individual to achieve a beautiful smile.


The standard option for most braces is metal brackets with wires, which can over time adjust the look of your child’s smile. There are other options available as well, however not everyone will be a candidate for them. This includes invisible aligners such as Invisalign. For most patients, standard braces are the quickest and most effective option. We can even customize metal braces with colorful rubber bands, which kids love. We make sure all our patients are as comfortable as possible during the time they have their braces. They are completely normal, and nothing for your child to be afraid of. When it’s time to take their braces off, your child will have a smile they are proud to show off to the world.


Whether your child has perfect teeth, or may be in need of braces, it is important to visit our pediatric dentist from the time their baby teeth come in throughout their adolescence. Our dentists will make sure they are staying on track for a healthy, beautiful smile in adulthood. There is no need to be nervous about braces. Make an appointment with our Pharr dental office today for a more beautiful smile tomorrow.