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Dental Fillings

What Is A Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a material used to fill the cavities in your teeth. The infected part of your tooth is removed and to restore it, a dental filling is used. Without dental fillings, your tooth will be left hollow, which could lead to further complications. The type of dental filling that you get depends on the condition of your tooth.

When Would You Need A Dental Filling?

Bacteria can accumulate on the surface of your teeth when you have do not brush and floss properly. Bacteria release toxins that then react with your teeth to erode the outermost layer of your teeth- the enamel. This further leads to tooth decay and cavities.

If you don’t get a dental filling at this stage, this will lead to gum disease, which may have serious complications. You need to get the infected part of your tooth/teeth taken out and fill the cavity. This is why and when you’d need a tooth filling.

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The Process Of Getting Dental Fillings

If you’re set to get dental fillings, this is what you should expect:

Types Of Dental Fillings

Following are the types of dental fillings that you can choose from:

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