Dental Sealants For Kids In Pharr Tx

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are applied over the grooves and pits of the teeth to protect them from cavities. The molars and premolars (the teeth at the back) have uneven surfaces. Food particles tend to get stuck in there and brushing is often not enough to dislodge those particles from the pits. Sealants are applied to make the surfaces even to prevent cavities.

Dental Sealants for Kids | Pharr Tx

Why do kids need dental sealants?

Why Do Kids Need Dental Sealanets

Kids are the most prone to cavities. In fact, cavities are the most common disease in kids. Thus, to prevent cavities, kids must get dental sealants. It is important to note that kids’ diets contain a large amount of sugar, which is the main catalyst for dental cavities. This is all the more why kids must get dental sealants. It is a preventive measure to keep cavities away in the future as well!

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The procedure for dental sealants

  • At first, the teeth on which the sealant has to be applied is thoroughly cleaned and dried up.
  • An absorbent is kept on the tooth to absorb saliva and the wetness from the previous step.
  • Dilute acid will be applied to the surface of the tooth to roughen it. This is necessary since the dental sealant would best bond on a rough surface.
  • After rinsing and drying the tooth further, the dental sealant will be applied to the tooth. A curing light may also be used to harden the sealant faster.
Dental Sealanet Procedure | Pharr Tx

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