Dental Fillings For Kids


What Is A Dental Filling?

When a tooth gets cavities, the infected part of the tooth is taken out, and to fill the area that has been taken out, dental fillings are used. These can be of several types and are applied to the patient as per the requirement of the situation.

Why Would A Kid Require A Dental Filling?

As mentioned earlier, a dental filling is needed when a tooth gets cavities that have to be removed. Kids are the most prone to cavities. This is because of the large amounts of sugar intake in their diets.

When a cavity isn’t too advanced to call for tooth extraction but is just enough to pose a threat to the kid’s overall oral health, the part of the tooth is taken out and a dental filling is applied to fill the tooth.

Cavities aren’t the only reasons why a kid might need a dental filling. A cracked or broken tooth may also require a dental filling.


The Types Of Dental Fillings

The following are the types of dental fillings that you can choose from for your kid:
  • Gold

  • Amalgam

  • Porcelain

  • Composite resin (most common)

  • Plastic tooth-colored fillings


The Process Of Dental Fillings

  • At first, a physical examination would be conducted to study the condition of the infected tooth. This is to understand the extent of the infection and the areas that have to be removed.

  • An anesthetic will be given to the kid to ensure that the overall experience is painless for him/her.

  • A drill will be used to remove the infected areas in the tooth. Depending on the situation, the dentist may also use a laser for the purpose.

  • The tooth will be then cleaned before applying the dental filling.

  • Once done, the dental filling will be applied in layers and a curing light will be used to harden the filling.


Did You Know?

An estimated 175 million dental fillings are completed each year in the US.

Dental Fillings?

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