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Dental Crowns For Kids

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are artificial teeth that are designed to cover or cap natural teeth. A dental crown is fitted over the natural tooth that would protect and cover the natural tooth beneath.

Why Do Kids Need Dental Crowns?

Kids need dental crowns mainly because of cavities. A dental crown is used to cover and protect an infected tooth. While a milk tooth falls off anyway, it is important to make sure that the tooth does not get more cavities, since milk teeth somewhat lay the foundation for adult teeth.
There might also be other reasons why a kid may need a dental crown:

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What To Expect?

Getting a dental crown for your kid is a simple process. First, a physical examination is conducted on the child’s tooth to understand the shape and size of the crown that is required.

And the next thing you know, your kid has restored the tooth with a beautiful dental crown over it!

Types Of Crowns To Choose From

Dental crowns could be of many types. However, the following 3 are the most common for kids:

Why Arcade Dental?

At Arcade Dental, our cosmetic dentists are trained in pediatric dentistry and understand the fact that cosmetic and restorative dental procedures for kids need to be different from those of adults.

We have an unmatched environment for your kids to feel comfortable in and our kid-friendly dentists would ensure that your precious little one gets the best dental treatment possible!

We believe that compassion forms the core of pediatric dentistry, and it’s this compassion with kids that has helped us become one of the best dental clinics for kids in Pharr TX.

When your child needs a dental crown, it’s best not to waste a single day. Cavities or a broken tooth can lead to fast-spreading oral health issues in kids. Choose us- the best pediatric dental practice in Pharr TX and make an appointment today!

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