Dental Bridges


What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are artificial dental works that are meant to restore a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Typically, a dental bridge consists of a tooth that sits in the middle and a tooth on either side of it.

The tooth on either side is meant to sit on top of a natural tooth for support, while the missing tooth is restored by the tooth in the middle of the bridge. They can be made to perfectly resemble your natural teeth.


When Do You Need A Dental Bridge?

You may need a dental bridge under the following circumstances:
  • If you have already had a missing tooth, you may want to consider getting dental bridges for restoring your full smile!

  • If you have a severe toothache, it may be a sign that the tooth is getting decayed. Although a toothache could be caused due to several underlying reasons, it might require extraction if the underlying reason is a bad infection or decay. This tooth needs to be replaced by a dental bridge.

  • A loose tooth may also be a sign that you might be requiring a dental bridge in the future. A loose tooth may indicate a receding jawbone or even gum disease. In either case, you’ll likely lose a tooth or undergo tooth extraction.


What’s The Procedure For Getting Dental Bridges?

  • The first step may involve sedation, depending on your tolerance level.

  • Next, the teeth on either side of the gap will be reshaped. This is to properly fit the bridge onto these abutment teeth.

  • Impressions of the cavity and the abutment teeth will be taken and sent to the laboratory for preparing the dental bridge.

  • Typically on the next appointment, the dental bridge will be fitted in your mouth. Note that you may need to undergo a dental implant if you do not have an abutment tooth to support the bridge.


Did You Know?

You can have a bridge for one to three consecutive missing teeth.

Dental Bridges?

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