Tooth Extractions


What Is A Tooth Extraction?

As the name involves, tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth that has been damaged or infected. Tooth Extraction is one of the most sought for dental procedures and is relatively a painless one as well if done with sedation.

When Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

  • You have misaligned and crowded teeth.

  • A tooth is infected and keeping it there would only let the infection spread.

  • There may be a risk of developing a dental infection in a particular tooth.

  • You have a badly aligned tooth.

  • You have a damaged tooth.

  • A tooth is barely visible outside the gum line.


The Tooth Extraction Procedure

The following steps are involved in tooth extraction:
  • The first step involves an anesthetic to help you relax through the process.

  • The dentist will then grasp your tooth using forceps and gently rock it back and forth to loosen it.

  • Some surrounding gum tissues may also require to be removed to further loosen the tooth.

  • If a tooth is too hard to remove, it must be removed in pieces.

  • A clot forms at the site of the extraction. The dentist will place a gauze pad over it and you’ll be asked to bite on it VERY GENTLY.

In case a tooth that needs to be extracted is not properly visible outside the gum line, the dentist would have to resort to an incision. Gum tissues will be removed to make the tooth visible and then it will be extracted.

Did You Know?

Dental caries are considered to be the most common reason for tooth extraction and over 52% people get their tooth extracted because of this.

Tooth Extractions?

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