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How To Get Your Child Brush Their Teeth Regularly?

By Arcade Dental / March 26, 2020

A kid is usually unable to brush on their own until they can tie their own shoes. Until then, without your guidance, they wouldn’t have the dexterity to brush properly. Our team knows how hard it can be to get a child to brush regularly. Be patient, and note that you’re setting them up for good oral health for a lifetime. Is the war worth it? It surely is!

  • First of all, note that brushing the teeth of your child does not harm him or her, and not brushing will cause more pain in the future. Try thinking about toothbrushing the way you think of other things to do, whether a child likes it or not. Of starters, when they have to be buckled in a car seat, some kids kick and scream, or hold hands as they cross the street, but we do it anyway because it’s of their safety and wellbeing. Toothbrushing is something that needs to be done for your child’s wellbeing, without question.
  • Second, we know that children feel more in control of their situation when given a choice, and are more likely to do what they are asked to do. You can say, for example, “Mom’s going to help you brush, would you like me to brush your top teeth or bottom teeth first?” or you can say, “It’s time to brush your teeth, would you like to brush in your bathroom or mine?”

Allow your child to choose the song you’re listening to while brushing or give them the option to read an extra book if the brush time goes smooth. This will take time and practice, but it will soon become second nature. When there’s no option to say “no,” children will often be able to do just as we ask.

Forcing a child into the toothbrushing routine is perfectly okay. Doing this will regularly teach a child that the rules are made by mom or dad and that they are still all right after the brushing is over. Giving lots of praise during the brushing and giving a big hug and kiss afterward will encourage your child that even when they’re fuzzy, you love and care about them.

On top of it all, for a comprehensive oral care solution for your child, we are always ready to help. Choose the best pediatric dentist near you in Pharr TX!