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What You Should Know About Tooth Extraction

By Arcade Dental / July 29, 2021

Tooth extractions are performed by dentists and oral surgeons for a variety of reasons. The problem might be a painful wisdom tooth or a tooth that has been severely decayed. A dentist may extract a tooth to create room for dental prostheses or braces in specific situations. To make the patient more comfortable, the dentist or surgeon will numb the tooth first. While a tooth extraction is still painful, it can be critical for alleviating dental discomfort and preventing future issues.

What exactly is tooth extraction?

The extraction of a tooth is the removal of a tooth. Although permanent teeth are designed to last a lifetime, tooth extraction may be necessary for a variety of reasons. While many teenagers and adults have their wisdom teeth out, there are additional reasons why adult tooth extraction may be necessary. A dental extraction may be required due to excessive tooth decay, infection, or crowding. Those who obtain braces may need to have one or two teeth extracted to make way for their other teeth as they shift into position. Additionally, people receiving chemotherapy or preparing to get an organ transplant may require compromised teeth to be removed in order to maintain oral health.

When Is Tooth Extraction Required?

In many situations, a filling, crown, or other dental treatment can be used to restore teeth that have been fractured or damaged by decay. However, if the damage is too serious to heal, your dentist may prescribe extraction. Here are some more reasons why tooth extraction may be required:

  • Trauma or damage has caused decay or infection to spread deep into the tooth.
  • There isn’t enough room in your mouth for all of your teeth.
  • Baby teeth do not fall out in time for permanent teeth to emerge.
  • To make room for the teeth as they migrate into position, orthodontic therapy may need tooth extraction.
  • Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are frequently removed either before or after they emerge.

What is the procedure for a tooth extraction?

  • Simple extraction – A simple extraction is the removal of a visible tooth in your mouth. Simple extractions are commonly performed by general dentists. During a basic extraction, your dentist will numb the tooth and gum tissue before loosening the tooth using an elevator and extracting it with dental forceps.
  • Surgical extraction – A surgical extraction is a more involved operation that is done for a tooth that has broken off at the gum line or has not yet entered the mouth. Surgical extractions are often performed by oral surgeons; however, ordinary dentists can also do them. The doctor will make a tiny incision into your gum and remove the underlying tooth during a surgical extraction.

Tooth extraction paves the door for something bigger, and it can help you keep a healthy, confident smile. Do you need the best tooth extraction treatment in Pharr, Texas? We hope that this information has helped you understand that, whether you are a seasoned pro or a first-time tooth extraction patient, visiting Arcade Dental is the finest option for a successful and straightforward surgery.