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Why It’s Important For Your Kid To See A Pediatric Dentist

By Arcade Dental / September 12, 2018

The average two-year-old has never visited a pediatric dentist. In fact, only 25% of children have seen a kids dentist by the age of five. Therefore, it’s no wonder the most common chronic childhood disease in the nation is tooth decay.

These shocking statistics are why we here at Arcade Dental in Pharr strongly recommend parents stay on top of their child’s oral health. Regular checkups and professional cleanings are imperative for your child, especially since it is a proven fact that oral health contributes to the better overall health of your child.

Why Children Need to See Our Pediatric Dentists ASAP

From the time your child is a baby, they are often exposed to food and liquids that can have a negative effect on their oral health. Baby formula, certain foods, milk, and juice are all usually full of sugars that can promote tooth decay.

In addition, drinking from baby bottles and sippy cups can increase the chances of decay, as drinking from these objects causes constant sugar exposure to the child’s teeth, especially the front teeth.

When left untreated, tooth decay can lead to severe pain and even infection. In fact, the decay can become so severe that the only treatment option is tooth extraction.

At our Pharr dental clinic, our kid’s dentists recommend that you reduce your kid’s exposure to sugary liquids as much as possible while keeping up with their dental maintenance. An imperative part of this maintenance is bringing them into our dental office for regular checkups and dental cleanings.

When to Bring Your Child to See Our Pediatric Dentists

Our pediatric dental experts recommend that you bring your kid in for their first dental visit as soon as their first tooth begins to show, or no later than their first birthday.

When you bring your child into our dental office in Pharr, a kids dentist will thoroughly examine your child’s mouth and look for any problems with their dental development. The dentist will also advise on tooth decay protection and regular dental maintenance.

Arcade Dental is committed to your children’s overall health. Therefore, if you live in Pharr, McAllen, Hidalgo, San Juan, or Edinburg, contact our dental office today to set up an appointment.