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Aesthetically Pleasing Tooth Replacement

At Arcade Dental, we understand the importance of a beautiful and healthy smile. That's why we're committed to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams with our dental implant services. In addition to improving your oral health, dental implants can also enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. We take pride in offering in-house customization of dental implants, which means that we can create your new smile right here in our office, saving you time and ensuring a seamless treatment experience.

At Arcade Dental, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile, and dental implants are a great option to achieve it. The reason why dental implants work so well is that they are designed to look and function just like natural teeth. Additionally, they are known for their longevity, making them a popular choice for patients seeking a permanent and reliable solution for missing teeth. If you want to learn more about the benefits of implant dentistry or schedule an implant consultation, don't hesitate to contact us today.


Dr. Vu's View On The Standards Of Tooth Replacement

Dental implants have become the gold standard in tooth replacements for their exceptional efficiency. Whether you're missing one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth, dental implants offer the most natural and functional solution available. Thanks to modern technology, implant surgery is now far less invasive and traumatic than it was just a decade ago. At Arcade Dental, we're proud to offer dental implant consultations to anyone interested in learning more about this life-changing procedure. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

We Can Replace Any Number Of Teeth


One Tooth

We Offer The Easiest Solution For Replacing One Tooth - A Single Dental Implant. It Looks Natural And Realistic. Book An Appointment With Us Today To Get A Visually Pleasing Tooth Replacement.


Multiple Teeth

If You Have Multiple Missing Teeth, Multiple Tooth Implants Could Be A Good Option. We Can Let You Know If You're Eligible For Multiple Dental Implants, So Feel Free To Talk To Us!


Full Arch

If You Have Lost All Your Teeth, A Full Mouth Implant Can Be The Solution For You. Dr. Vu Will Help You Find The Best Way To Give Back Your Smile.


Did You Know?

Although there were dental implant experiments in the 1930s and 1950s, significant advancement didn't occur until around 1965. Titanium was first used at that time, and the advantages of the material were first noted.

Dental Implants?

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Dr. Vu’s Unique ​approach To Implants

During a dental check-up, Dr. Vu utilizes his experience, professional abilities, and the latest tools to diagnose the condition of your teeth. Our implant dentist, Dr. Vu, collaborates with you to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Throughout the entire treatment process, he keeps you well-informed so that you can understand what to expect. By combining cosmetic dentistry and restorative techniques, Dr. Vu's advanced approach can have you smiling again in no time! On the day of the surgery, a titanium screw, known as the dental implant post, will be surgically placed in your jawbone.

By replacing the missing tooth root, this procedure enables stable tooth restoration. After completion, you will receive a provisional tooth, ensuring that you will not be without a replacement during the healing process. This provisional also promotes healing with the jaw bone. Once the healing period is over, Dr. Salam will fit and place the replacement tooth onto the implant post. Depending on your individual dental needs and which teeth are missing, the replacement could be a dental crown, a partial or full denture, or a dental bridge.