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School Is Almost Back! Are Your Kids’ Teeth Ready?

By Arcade Dental / August 16, 2017

August is coming to a close and with that comes the end of kids’ time off away from school. The summer is the best time to take care of all of your kids’ needs before they jump back into class.

At Arcade Dental, our Pharr dentists look forward to ensuring every child is orally ready to go back to school. This means heading back to math, English, social studies, science, gym and every other class period completely cavity-free. School is difficult enough without worrying about the need for dental fillings or dental crowns.

Our kids dentists want to take care of these issues now before they cause some real trouble later in the school year. Cavities and other dental issues, like gum disease, can cause pain and discomfort, which can affect a student’s studying. We suggest returning the kids back to school orally healthy and completely prepared for all that is to come their way this 2017 school season.


No, our kids dentists won’t be helping with homework, quizzes or tests, but they can assist in their ability to focus. With a healthy set of teeth, students won’t be bothered by chipped teeth, swollen gums, or painful cavities. They can fully focus on the educational tasks at hand.

By conducting extensive dental cleanings, our dentists can find any and all current or possible issues within the mouth. From a financial standpoint, this is very helpful for parents. Catching dental problems early ensures that the issues won’t worsen into something that requires extensive work, like a root canal or a dental implant.

If your child has wisdom teeth that are problematic, then it is time to have them extracted. Wisdom teeth can often been painful. If they are too pronounced, they can create difficulty in chewing and other routine oral functions.


There is no need to wait any longer. School is almost back in session. If your child needs to visit the kids dentist in Pharr, then contact us today. We look forward to eliminating all of your child’s dental problems and preparing them for a great school year.