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How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

By Arcade Dental / June 24, 2021

Considering root canal to be the most effective treatment for your mouth and the overall physical health? Well, the next thing you need to do is include the treatment process in your busy life schedule. Talk to your dentist and gather an idea of the process that can be completed within one or two visits to the dental clinic.

Another factor that plays a pivotal role in determining the time required for a root canal is the location of the infection. For example, the front teeth have a single root whether the ones at the back (molars) can have up to three separate roots. So, the time needed for a root canal is less if the infection is in the front teeth and the span increases if your back teeth are infected. 

What is the time span of each appointment?

Root canal treatment generally gets completed within two appointments. In this case, the first appointment includes shaping and cleaning of the infected tooth’s inside tissues with the help of drilling, filing and rinsing. Whereas, the dentist will fix the exterior of your tooth with the help of sealing and filling during the second appointment.

There needs to be a certain time gap between the two appointments i.e 1-3 weeks. Your dentist might use a particular type of medication to keep the bacteria away during this gap. The medication is selected on the basis of the severity of the infection. If you choose to go for the entire root canal process within one appointment, all the above-mentioned steps will be executed at one go. A single root canal treatment can last for 30 minutes to 1 hour. On the other hand, the treatment can take somewhere around 1 hour 30 minutes if the case is really complicated. As mentioned before, the time required for a root canal is determined by the type of tooth being treated and the required number of root canals. 

Root Canal – After Care

There are certain things to follow after the root canal treatment if you want great results. We have provided the aftercare tipis of root canal in the pointers below:

  • Visit your dentist for regular dental cleanings and checkup sessions 
  • Maintain proper oral care routine
  • Never go to bed before brushing your teeth (at least twice a day)
  • Flossing is a must before brushing your teeth
  • In case of any complication, consult the dentist without any hesitation

Keep your mouth as healthy as possible and witnessing great outcomes of the treatment will not be a tough nut to crack. 

Final Words

We hope that going through this blog helped to gain a clear idea about the root canal. Now, it is better to consult your dentist and decide whether you should go for the treatment done in a single appointment or two appointments. Contact our Pharr dentist at Arcade Dental if you are looking for the best root canal treatment in Pharr, TX. An in-person consultation with our dentist will help you know more about the time taken to do a root canal. Book an appointment today!